Model 200

Air Dryers and Automatic Transfer Systems

Model 200 Dehydrator Series offers fully self-contained Compressor Air Dryer products.

Model 200 Series dehydrators are fully self-contained compressor dehydrators capable of providing dry air for small volume demands like microwave, radar systems, and broadcast transmission line applications. Version A,B , and C feature adjustable outlet pressure from 2 to 15 psig while the D version is adjustable from 0.1 to 2 psig. The C and D versions have humidity monitoring and wet air bypassing.

  • Normal output capacity up to 200 SCFD, Emergency capacity up to 300 SCFD
  • Available in a variety of alarm and output pressure configurations for all applications
  • Utilizes oil-less compressor for reliable operation
  • Twin-tower drying system provides years of trouble free operation
  • Dry air storage tank reduces compressor cycling and increases compressor life.