24 September 2018


Dielectric reveals the release of the new Central Office Emergency Air Dryer, carefully designed to provide a temporary source of dry air for Central Offices during power outages. Emergency air pressure needs arise from a variety of issues, typically including natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, floods and earthquakes, or through severed electricity supply cables.

The new Central Office Emergency Air Dryer only requires a portable compressor, allowing for operation with no power source. It is robust and efficient, and can also be deployed rapidly. The sleek and portable design sets this Central Office Emergency Dryer apart from competition.

About Dielectric and Radiodetection Ltd.

The Dielectric range of products is designed for dry air pressurization applications. With over 60 years’ experience, Dielectric has refined technology to provide trouble-free and environmentally friendly dryers.  The Dielectric brand is part of the Radiodetection business unit. Radiodetection is a world leader in the design and development of test equipment, used by utility companies, to help install, protect and maintain their infrastructure networks. Radiodetection is a subsidiary of SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW).

About SPX Corporation  

SPX Corporation is a supplier of highly engineered products and technologies, holding leadership positions in the HVAC, detection and measurement, and engineered solutions markets. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Corporation had approximately $1.4 billion in annual revenue in 2017 and more than 5,000 employees in 14 countries. SPX Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SPXC.”

For more information, please visit www.spx.com.

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